Helloween - Straight Out Of Hell (2013) Full Album

Helloween - Straight Out Of Hell

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Released18 January 2013
RecordedMi Sueño Studio, Tenerife, Spain
GenrePower metal
ProducerCharlie Bauerfeind

Tracking List
01. Nabataea
02. World Of War
03. Live Now!
04. Far From The Stars
05. Burning Sun
06. Waiting For The Thunder
07. Hold Me In Your Arms
08. Wanna Be God
09. Straight Out Of Hell
10. Asshole
11. Years
12. Make Fire Catch The Fly
13. Church Breaks Down
14. Another Shot Of Life [Limited edition bonus]
15. Burning Sun [Hammond version] [Dedicated to Jon Lord] [Limited edition bonus]
16. No Eternity [Japanese bonus]

With such a terribly generic name and quite mundane album cover, you might be excused for doubting the content of the German legends' fourteenth original studio album. Those that have kept on the ball with Helloween in recent years however, will know that the band have been on remarkably good form and will certainly not judge this proverbial book by the cover.

Through the groundbreaking eighties to the patchy nineties, the last decade saw Helloween put their feet down with Gambling With The Devil and 7 Sinners to be noticed as a credible heavy metal force once again. Straight Out Of Hell follows the same line and brings Helloween into this decade with confidence as the legitimate force they always should have been.

Stylistically you can pick out aspects of Helloween past and present encapsulated into this release, and as we've now come to expect again; Straight Out Of Hell has some outstanding and glorious songs waiting to be heard. Opening epic "Nabataea", machine gun "World Of War", upbeat "Burning Sun", infectious title track "Straight Out Of Hell" and "Years" turning back the years are all phenomenal tracks that make you wonder why you ever started to doubt the band. Helloween show that when they are on top form, after all these years they still sit atop the power metal throne.

Perhaps more so on Straight Out Of Hell than the previous album however, the band decided to throw in some real stinkers for good measure. "Live Now!" needs to check for a pulse, "Waiting For The Thunder" might as well have not bothered, and "Asshole" frankly needs to be wiped off the disc. You could say it wouldn't be a true Helloween album without a couple of facepalm-worthy moments though.

All things taken into consideration, Straight Out Of Hell is the album that pessimists never thought could happen; yet another solid album with some magic moments. It might not have been the case twenty years ago, but Helloween is becoming one of the most consistent bands on the scene. With this release, the band have surely solidified their place at the very forefront of credible, modern power metal. Long live the pumpkin(g)s! (Source)
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Production: 7 
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